Mick Tully Seminar 2018

Mick Tully Seminar Saturday 17th February

For the 9th year in a row Lee Taylor Karate will be hosting Mick Tully of MKG Coventry at Presteigne Dojo.

Those of you who attended the previous seminars will know how much fun can be had, and the world class instruction on mixed martial arts techniques that is delivered by Mick. There is also a session for Juniors on offer, as I believe this to be a valuable experience not to be missed, so come and train with Sensei Lee's Instructor!

This years proceeds will go to a MKG family member who is undergoing cancer treatment.

Contact me today and book your place!

Call: 07976914617 or Email

Seminar Details

Time: Juniors - 10-12 / Adults 12-3pm / 

VenueEast Radnor Leisure Centre, Broadaxe Lane, Presteigne, Powys. LD8 2YT

Cost: Juniors £15 / Adults £30 per person


Bank cards can be used on the day if required along with cash but reserve a place in the first instance.

Bank Transfer ask for details

Mick Tully

Mick Tully has over 25 years of uninterrupted training in the martial arts with some of the worlds best instructors and is also Al Peasland's long-time training partner. Mick now teaches weekly classes and seminars, his own take on self protection under the banner of Complete Self-Protection. Mick fully believes that his martial arts enriches all other areas of life, and is not just an insurance policy for when things kick off! Mick is fully qualified to teach his interpretation of his art which includes:- Kali/JKD, Muay Thai, CSW, Karate, Savate, Silat, Western Boxing and BJJ. Mick also teachs empty hand and weapons (blunt and edged)

Don't miss out! I look forward to seeing you there for another great seminar!