Adults & Teens Karate's not just for kids!

If you need a new outlook on life, then try our adult & teens programme. Every lesson is different, stimulating and challenging, building your confidence week by week in a structured friendly, fun atmosphere. Following a structured approved syllabus students can progress through the belt system at their own pace, gaining the skills, knowledge and understanding to reach Black Belt and beyond.

What is covered: Striking/Kicking/Grappling/Throws & Takedowns/Self Protection Skills/Sparring/Kata Applications

So if you are tired of the same old exercise class, want to try something new, develop yourself mentally & physically, have fun, then give it a go! You will be surprised at what you can achieve.

Adult & Teens Karate will help you: 

Aid weight loss. Increase fitness. Develop confidence. Raise self esteem. Improve health & well being. Gain self protection skills


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Llanidloes Dojo: 6.30pm Teens & Adults

Sports Centre Hall every Monday

Weobley Dojo: 4.15pm Teens 

Hopelands Village Hall every Wednesday

Rhayader Dojo: 6.45pm Teens & Adults

Sports Centre every Thursday

Presteigne Dojo: 7.00pm Teens & Adults

Sports Centre every Friday

Monthly Membership:

After receiving your trial lessons the monthly membership fee is £24 for 12-17yrs / £25 for 18yrs+ payable by Standing Order, Bank Card (50p surcharge required) or Cash

The monthly membership fee equates to the student receiving 4 lessons a month (or 48 weeks) I do not charge for the 5th week in certain months which means up to 1 months training FREE can be accumulated over the year (or 4 weeks for holidays etc)

There will be a £2 discount for a 2nd person in a family and every person thereafter.

After a month a uniform (Gi) will be required and a student license, which registers the student with the BCKA