LTK online training

Access online martial arts training from an experienced instructor, with instant access from any device. Click the links below, create an account and get training.

heian/pinan kata

Complete training package for this popular kata series, including solo form, bunkai, focus mitts, live drills and more!

5 basic pad drills

5 focus mitt drills to enhance your training immediately. Utilising some familiar Karate motions

2 free e-books

2 e-books covering Heian Shodan and Ananko kata. Sample chapters from both books includes the solo form and bunkai

Lee Taylor Karate App!

Smartphones & tablets

Lee Taylor has created the 'Lee Taylor Karate App' for your Android smartphones and tablets!


What this means is that LTK students can have video references of karate drills / kata / bunkai / seminars and much more all at your fingertips!

Updated Regularly

The app will be updated regularly. Along with other content as we continue to expand the LTK app. Get yours from the App store today!

LTK Heian/Pinan Kata & Bunkai Book

The Heians or Pinans are widely the most recognisable and practised kata in Karate circles today, and they are the foundation within the LTK syllabus for all students.

This book is a valuable resource for all students of LTK who wish to have a better understanding of these kata to help them progress through the belt system, and can also be used as an aide memoir when away from the dojo.

LTK Ananko Kata Form & Function Book

Ananko Kata Form & Function is the new book released by Lee. Ananko kata is a senior black belt kata so is ideal for LTK's black belt students as an aide memoir.

With over 300 detailed pictures this book shows how a kata can be deciphered, analysed and practised allowing it to become and effective tool for a physical confrontation.

LTK Podcast The 10 Minute Dojo

LTK now has a podcast called The 10 Minute Dojo with Sensei Lee. Another great way to learn whilst away from the dojo. The podcast is now live on various platforms including Google, Spotify, Apple, Radio Public, Stitcher, Pocket Cast, with more to come!  Click the link below and follow the podcast for future episodes!